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You rely on X-rays, MRIs and CBCs to help you make accurate diagnoses. Drug testing can be an equally powerful tool in medical treatment.

Whether you are monitoring a pain management program, or supporting patients in an addiction recovery program, drug testing can eliminate the guesswork. You’ll have concrete results to measure your patient’s success.

Burlington Laboratories delivers quick and reliable results to your medical facility, which could be the best prescription of all.

Same Day Results

Our same day results guarantee basically puts a “STAT” order on every test. We guarantee same day results for all urine samples received in our laboratory by 3 PM.

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Quick & Convenient Online Access

Same day results doesn’t help if you have to wait a day to receive the report. That’s why we offer a secure website where you can get your results on your schedule.

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Alcohol Metabolite (EtG) Screen Results with Any Panel

17.3 million people classify themselves as “heavy drinkers”; millions more may under-report their alcohol use or deny it entirely. Studies also show a high correlation between heavy alcohol use and illicit drug use.

That’s why Burlington Laboratories was the first drug testing lab to include EtG alcohol metabolite screen results with any of our drug screen panels. Our EtG screening ensures that you get the full picture, even if your patient isn’t telling you everything.

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Source: SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2008.