Random Drug Testing

The Burlington Labs Color Line™ program is a simple, turn-key solution for truly random drug testing.

All you need to do is assign each patient a color based on their risk level. We do all the scheduling, using a computerized randomizer. We maintain the phone and web systems for patient notification. We perform the UAs. And we can send you reports afterwards so you can keep track of who showed up and who missed their collections. 

How It Works: Easy as 1-2-3

colorline11 - Assign each patient a color based on his or her risk level. (Colors can be reassigned at any time.) 


colorline22 - We'll provide you a supply of Color Line cards that you can give to your patients, so they can keep track of their color, the toll-free Color Line number, and instructions for the Color Line app.

colorline33 - Each day, the patient either calls the toll-free Color Line recording, or checks the Color Line app on their computer or smartphone. If their color is announced or shown, they know to come in for a collection.


Help Your Patients Develop Accountability

Use our Color Line as a tool to support the patient as he or she works through their recovery. Many people in the early stages of recovery are working on regaining responsibility and ownership of their actions. When you refer your patients to our Color Line program, it is up to them to make the call and come in for a collection.

Compliance Log / Daily Roster

To insure that your patient has complied with our Color Line program, we can send you a log each day so you can see what the colors were and who came in for a collection.