EtG Results Included

What is EtG?

EtG (ethyl glucoronide), also known as alcohol metabolite, is the metabolic by-product of alcohol. Whenever a person drinks alcohol, their body makes this chemical, which is detectable in urine up to 80 hours after a person’s last drink. Monitoring a patient’s alcohol metabolite levels lets you know if he or she has been drinking recently.

Why are EtG levels important?

Research shows that alcohol use can be an important indicator of addiction. Studies show a high correlation between heavy alcohol use and illicit drug use. People in treatment for drug addictions frequently turn to alcohol when their former drug of choice is no longer available. (Source: SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 2008.)

Having EtG screen results, in conjunction with other drug testing data, gives you a bigger picture of a patient’s progress. A positive EtG screen may indicate that the person is struggling. Having that information allows you to target additional treatment supports to those who need it most.

Why does Burlington Laboratories include EtG with all other drug testing panels?

In an ideal world, treatment professionals have all the information they need to fully understand and respond to a patient’s addiction. But we also live in a world of limited budgets, in which you don’t always have access to all the best tools.

That’s why we include EtG screen results at no additional charge with any other ordered drug screen or panel. As treatment professionals, we understand what it means to have to “make do.” But our goal at Burlington Laboratories isn’t to be “good enough” – it’s to fully support you, and to help you provide the best possible treatment for your patients.

Making sure everyone has access to a powerful test – which could, and often does, change the treatment picture for people in crisis – is an essential part of our mission.

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