Why BLA Partners

We’re constantly innovating to improve the experience for doctors, counselors, treatment centers, and patients. Here are just a few of the ways our understanding of treatment makes us better partners for providers and patients.

Rapid Results 

Having the most accurate information in the shortest turnaround time helps you make better decisions about the people in your program. We deliver same-day screening results for any samples received in our laboratory by 3 p.m. (ET).

Custom Test Panels 

You tell us the tests you would like performed, and we’ll design a drug testing panel to meet your needs. We don’t force a package deal when it’s not a perfect fit.

Convenience for Providers and Patients 

Our walk-in Patient Service Centers reduce the burden of regular drug testing for people in treatment. Our on-site collector services are a tremendous time-saver for sober houses, counselors, doctors’ offices and other treatment facilities. Our Color Line program offers providers a hands-off, turn-key program for simple, randomized drug testing.