Who We Serve

We care about individuals in recovery, and we serve all of the providers who work with them.

Drug Treatment Centers & Counselors

We work with in-patient and out-patient facilities. While the provider is our customer, we also place a lot of emphasis on making our services work better for the end customer - the patient. Services like our walk-in Patient Service Centers and our Color Line program not only offer you turn-key convenience, but also build in accountability measures for people in treatment.   

Hospitals & Doctors

The prescription a doctor writes today could contribute to an addiction problem tomorrow. We can work with you to help ensure that your patients are taking their medication as directed, rather than selling it to others or taking more than the recommended dose, perhaps with the aid of multiple prescriptions. We applaud all medical providers who are conscious of, and working hard to stop, the prescription drug addiction crisis in our country, and we're here to help.

Drug Courts & Treatment Courts

Drug testing allows you to hold your clients responsible for their behavior. We use top-quality scientific methods to deliver you reliable information, and we're here to help you interpret those results when you need further explanation. We're also committed to helping offenders become productive citizens, so we're very supportive of drug court and treatment court diversion programs.