March 25, 2015 | Addiction & Recovery

Our thoughts on legalizing marijuana

According to a recent Castleton Poll, 54% of Vermonters favor the legalization of marijuana. With other states like Colorado having already gone down that path, lots of people ask us at Burlington Labs what our position is on the question of marijuana legalization.

While our individual employees may have opinions on the subject – and you can hear from our Raina Lowell in this recent NECN story - we as a company don’t have a position on the issue. We’re here to serve and assist people with addictions – which can be to legal substances (such as alcohol or prescribed painkillers) or illegal substances (such as cocaine). The issue isn’t whether a government entity has decided that one’s drug of choice is legal or illegal; the issue is whether the individual has an unhealthy relationship with that substance.

So if Vermont decides to legalize pot, it won’t really have an impact on what we do here at Burlington Labs. We will continue to provide fast, reliable drug testing to counselors, doctors, and other providers in the substance abuse treatment community.