December 18, 2015 | Giving Back

Employees Support Salvation Army Food Drive

Food and fellowship are part of the Burlington Labs tradition. At the end of each week, our staff comes together for a family-style meal from a local restaurant on Free Lunch Friday. Each month, we have cake and fruit to celebrate staff birthdays. And more often than some of our waistlines would like, we have fairly intense bake-offs, potlucks and general food sharing that has highlighted the master chefs among us.

It only makes sense that food should factor into our holiday traditions, too, and that we find a way to share food and fellowship with others in need.

food drive

So this month, a massive box of pantry items was collected among the staff of the Burlington office and presented to the Salvation Army. We thank all of our employees who made a contribution, and we hope our collective effort eases some of the strain felt by local food shelves during the holiday season, and around the tables of families who are struggling financially. 

Happy Holidays to all!