December 15, 2015 | News

Clinigen Lab Increases Capacity with Move to Larger Facility

The headquarters of Clinigen, Inc., Burlington Labs’ Massachusetts division, has made a facility move that significantly expands capacity and enhances the support services available to doctors, counselors, and patients in addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts.

Burlington Labs purchased Clinigen in 2013. Today, the combined company serves treatment providers from all over the country, with urine specimens shipped to either the Massachusetts or Vermont laboratories for testing. Results are delivered electronically to treatment providers the next business day for positive/negative screens, and within an average of three business days for quantitative confirmations.

The original Clinigen lab space, located on Ray Avenue in Burlington, MA, had a 2,000-square-foot footprint with no possibility for physical expansion. The new facility, located at 150-A New Boston Street in Woburn, is 7,000 square feet.

The tripling of physical space allowed for the installation of additional testing instruments that significantly increase lab efficiency and throughput. While the instruments at Clinigen used to max out at a total of 800 screens per hour, the new instrument suite allows for 7,000 screens per hour.

“This added capacity positions us well for the incredible growth we’re seeing, and speaks directly to our company mission,” said Michael Casarico, co-founder of Burlington Labs and CEO of Burlington Labs and Clinigen. “Fast turnaround time for drug-testing results is critical to improving outcomes for patients in addiction treatment programs.”

Burlington Labs co-founder Jodie Casarico agreed. “Our experience in the addiction treatment field has led us to introduce service innovations that are improving the lives of people in treatment. It’s truly gratifying to see providers responding to that, and to know that our increase in volume means an increase in lives changed through successful treatment and recovery.”

Sean Kocur, Burlington Labs’ Director of Laboratory Operations, noted that the new facility includes additional office space for support services, including account management and sales. There is also the potential to add a Patient Service Center right in the Woburn facility. Burlington Labs currently has 11 PSCs throughout the northeast, including one in Worcester, MA, and plans to open several dozen more in 2016. These centers allow individuals in treatment programs to walk in, without an appointment, to give a urine sample whenever their treatment provider orders a drug test. These centers have enhanced the accessibility and convenience of a significant part of drug treatment.

“With the new building, Clinigen is more than just a lab being supported from Vermont,” said Kocur. “As a company, we’re so much more than a lab. While we have always offered outstanding science, it’s our service that sets us apart. Our new lab space in Woburn puts those services front-and-center for our Massachusetts customers.”

Monday, November 16 was the team’s first day in the new space. Clinigen will likely be looking to recruit and hire several additional scientists over the coming months to support the facility’s anticipated growth in screening volume.


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