February 18, 2016 | Addiction & Recovery

Burlington Labs CEO Congratulates VPR

Last year, I had the honor of accepting the Jack Barry Award for excellence in communication about issues relating to addiction, treatment and recovery. The award is presented annually by Friends of Recovery Vermont (FOR-VT) at the Vermont State House on Recovery Day, and the winner’s name is chosen from nominations from people in the recovery community.

Yesterday, the 2016 award was given to Vermont Public Radio, and I wanted to offer my most heartfelt congratulations to their team. (I’m finding it’s much easier to congratulate someone else for being recognized, than to accept oneself as being worthy of such recognition!) In their case, however, I hope they are able to easily accept that they are incredibly deserving of this award. Their in-depth coverage of how addiction affects individuals, families and communities has been so respectful of the men and women struggling with substance use addiction, and – just as significantly – their stories have explored the success stories as well as the tragedies, which gives us all hope that individuals, as well as afflicted communities, can and do recover from the destructive force of addiction.

Congratulations again to the VPR team. We are all so appreciative of your work.

Michael Casarico
Co-Founder and CEO, Burlington Labs