BLA Partners, an investment group comprised of mission-driven business partners (including the University of Vermont Health Network),  acquired Burlington Labs in January of 2017.  Our values are deeply rooted in those of Burlington Labs, where our story begins:

Burlington Labs co-founders Michael and Jodie Casarico come from the front lines of addiction treatment. Michael has a background as a drug court coordinator and probation officer, and still holds his license as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC). Jodie has worked in a coaching capacity with individuals in recovery. Together, the Casaricos established, funded and managed a sober house in Burlington, Vermont. Michael is also personally in recovery.

Through all of this work, the Casaricos have seen struggles and successes in the treatment community. In 2006, while working as a probation officer, Michael came face to face with a particular need for fast, reliable drug testing.

At the time, it was common for the judicial system to use instant “dipstick” drug tests – a technology not nearly as sensitive as the sophisticated analyzers in use today. After one of Michael’s clients tested positive for cocaine, the client was immediately thrown in jail for violation of parole, although he swore he wasn’t using.

Michael then sent the sample out for confirmation. When the results finally came back – a full two weeks later – they revealed the client was, in fact, substance-free. For two weeks, an innocent man had sat in jail, separated from his family, his job, and his recovery community.

This story, and too many others like it, led Michael and Jodie to cash in their retirement investments and open Burlington Laboratories in the summer of 2006. With no employees and one desktop analyzer, the Casaricos personally collected the specimens, ran the drug tests, reviewed the results, created the reports and billed insurance companies. Every part of the business was done by the two-member team.

Michael and Jodie’s strong partnership remains at the heart of Burlington Labs’ daily operations, based on singular focus on a solid mission. Today, Burlington Labs has more than 150 employees spread across more than a dozen states. The company’s top-notch science and customer service teams deliver fast, reliable drug testing results that support thousands of brave men and women in treatment across the country.

All of Burlington Labs’ employees share a commitment to improving treatment outcomes through their work. Many also share Michael Casarico’s personal journey in recovery. Whether or not an individual employee has firsthand experience with addiction, everyone on the Burlington Labs team is united in compassion and pride for those in recovery.

At Burlington Labs, We Understand Treatment.