About Us

BLA Partners is a comprehensive clinical drug testing lab, offering both enzyme immunoassay (EIA) screening and LC/GC confirmations. However, we are more than "just" a lab. We see ourselves as an integral part of the recovery community.  

Many drug testing labs offer top-quality science, and BLA Partners is among the elite. But it’s our experience with patients and our passion for improving treatment outcomes that make us your ideal partner. Science and technology are powerful tools, but it’s our people who can fully realize their potential for successful treatment.

The company was founded by people with professional and personal experience in the substance abuse treatment community. All of BLA Partners’ employees share a commitment to improving treatment outcomes through our work. (And our co-founder has been recognized for his work promoting recovery in Vermont.) Some of us are also in recovery ourselves. Whether or not an individual employee has firsthand experience with addiction, everyone on the BLA Partners team is united in compassion and pride for those in recovery.

As part of our mission to support overall health, we proudly give back to the communities we serve. We donate to community organizations that support healthy bodies, healthy families, and healthy lives.